A new chapter. A new bed.

As a kid, your bed is a portal to a place where you read grand adventures and step inside new worlds. Sleep In Heavenly Peace believes in providing every child a bed where they can start a new chapter in their own life. When you donate, you provide children who live in your town with a place where they can sleep better and have a safe space for their imagination to go anywhere they dream.

Whether it’s donating one time, or joining our monthly Bunkhead Club, when you donate to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, you are not just providing help to children who need a bed, you’re helping them write a new chapter in the story of their lives.


Helping Children in Need Rewrite Their Stories

Years Ago
Kids with a new bed

We’re constantly expanding to new areas throughout the country; we make sure your donations help the kids in your area who need a bed. Our concern is never why they need a bed, it’s making sure every child and family who applies for a bed has a safe space to sleep, to imagine, to rest, to beginning their new chapter.

With so many kids everywhere sleeping on the floor, the need for new beds is great. Your donation is the key to helping us get beds to these kids in new impacted areas we haven’t been to yet.

Our organization is a family of volunteers build, assemble, and deliver top-notch bunk beds to children and families in need. We believe in helping these children so they can rewrite their own story. And every remarkable story has to begin with a new chapter.

Help Start New Chapters in a Child’s Life

Donate Once or Become a Bunkhead by giving monthly.

Just like our desire to get a bed to anyone who needs it, we also want to provide options in the ways you can help. One-time donations are always appreciated and are such a pivotal part and help your local SHP team:

  • Purchase Materials to Build Beds
  • Assemble and Deliver Beds

Our Bunkhead Club is a way to contribute monthly. When you give $20 or more each month for one year, the amount you donate ends up covering everything needed for a bed from Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

  • Bed Frame & Assembly
  • Twin Mattress
  • Pillow
  • Bedding

Donating also helps a number of other programs as well:

SHP has numerous programs designed to unite our chapters across the country with people in their communities who either want to roll up their sleeves and pitch in or who need a helping hand themselves. Each one helps us achieve a single mission: to see that NO KID SLEEPS ON THE FLOOR IN OUR TOWN!


Bunks Across America

National Day of Service held annually across the country uniting communities in building beds for kids


Disaster Relief Program

Providing funding and resources in support of helping disaster-affected kids get back into new beds


Pajamas Across America

Annual Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign uniting America’s children in raising funds for kids in need


Deliveries Across America

Our year-ending Day of Service held during the holidays uniting America in delivering beds to kids in need


Give a Bed. Help a Kid.

When you have a new bed, you have a new safe haven. You have found a place to begin a new chapter. That’s what Sleep in Heavenly Peace does, provides new chapters in the story of a child’s life. Thank you for donating to invest in a kid.

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