BAA – Bunks Across America

Bunks Across America is a day for communities nationwide to get together to build beds for children who don’t have beds to sleep in. This day should stand as a revelation to those who don’t know there is a problem and a beacon of hope to those who don’t know there is a solution. We want as many people as possible to get involved to be a part of the solution.

This information for SHP internal purposes only. Not to be shared with sponsors.

Register Event

If you do not have it on your calendar already, BAA is planned for the weekend of September 9th. (BAA will be held on the second weekend in September in order to help you plan each year). Please complete your registration as soon as possible. 

If you are applying for funds for BAA this year, you need to complete your registration as well as apply for those funds via the Chapter Portal under the “SHP Giving Funds” tab. Our goal this year is to have over 200 chapters participate and build 7,500 beds! We will have coordinated social media, media and other things to spread the word leading up to it and on that day.  

BAA Shirts and Banners Package

In the spirit of transparency and to reduce costs overall, this year we have opted to NOT produce additional shirts or banners this year as we had several thousand shirts and banners left over from last year’s event. As such, we will be offering a special package this year. For $45 you can opt to receive 12 BAA volunteer shirts and 3 BAA Staff shirts. That is less than $3 a shirt! HOWEVER, you will not have the option to select sizes. Please note that last sentence – you will not be able to select sizes. We will attempt to provide various sizes as much as possible in each box as well as a banner. This is a first come, first serve basis. This is to help us dissolve the current inventory, and we just want to cover the cost of boxing, shipping, & handling the existing inventory of BAA shirts and banners. 

BAA Postcards

The BAA Postcard is a double sided 5.5 x 8.5 marketing tool that shares details about how your community can help with BAA and what we’ve previously accomplished. This postcard can be printed local or online from places like VistaPrint.

BAA Social Media

Social Media images for Facebook posts, Facebook events, Instagram posts. Use these images with your own text for your BAA events or use the Google Doc with copy you can use in your own social media posts. To use, copy/paste the approved copy into Facebook and customize as you see fit for your specific chapter’s goals. 

BAA Social Media Content

Google Doc with copy you can use in your own social media posts. To use, copy/paste the approved copy into Facebook and customize as you see fit for your specific chapter’s goals.

BAA Style Guide

A guide explaining how the Bunks Across America Logo usage, colors, fonts, and more to help understand the best practices for using BAA materials.

BAA Sponsor a Build Day Calculator

Google Sheet calculator for a Sponsor a Build Day. You can enter the number of bunks to help your local sponsors figure out how many bunks they want to sponsor.

BAA Letterhead Template

Google Doc version of letterhead to make your own letters. You’ll have to make a copy to use on your own Drive. Placeholder text example there you can type over.

BAA Press Release

PDF version of the BAA Press Release from SHP.

BAA Press Release Chapter Version

PDF version of the BAA Press Release with spot to customize contact block with your chapter information. Download PDF to use editable text block.

BAA Nexstar Media Contacts

Nexstar is one of the largest broadcasting systems in the US and they were able to provide this list of stations to share your local BAA Press Release on their local PR release.

BAA Press Release – Word / Google Doc

Google Doc / Word version of the BAA Press Release for your chapter to allow you to edit and send out.