Certified Builder Program

Our vision is to go beyond our own neighborhoods, so we took initiative and are building a National Build Team with Certified builders.

What’s the National Build Team?

The National Build Team will be able to assist with 100+ bed builds. This could be either our National Build Team assisting your local chapter/multiple chapters, or where the National Build Team is asked to run the entire build. We have built out two box trucks with 6-full trains and will operate as any chapter would with similar KPIs. There is often months of planning that goes into each of these.

Our role is to protect the volunteer experience at all costs! We know our processes are intentionally NOT efficient, we are building a community of volunteers and maximizing their involvement. We will maintain the SHP standard and not dilute our brand by diverting from our legal, financial, and corporate requirements. These build days are strategically designed to maximize the opportunities to allow volunteers of all ages to use our tools to the safest extent possible and BUILD BEDS!

Sponsors can reach out via shpbeds.org and click “Request a Build”. From there, the National Build Team Manager will process the request and establish communication, whether through local chapters or nationally. It may be that the NBTM helps connect the organization to the correct local chapter.

This new team will help SHP through management of the Build Process, ensuring the Build Manual is up-to-date and helping to develop National Partnerships. Our “Swing for Charity” events with Lowe’s have been incredibly successful and tons of planning has gone into these. They have been so successful that other large players want to participate in their own 100+ bed builds. The demand is there, now we are answering that call.

Certified Builders

Certified Builders will be asked to complete the Certified Builder Coursework and be willing to travel. Other considerations will include determining if they would be willing to become forklift certified, drive one of the trucks, and carry a Divvy card. It is helpful to have been on at least 10 local builds.

Certified Builder Criteria

  • Willing to Represent National Build Team & SHP Family Mission and Brand
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs
  • Willing to train volunteers on a larger scale
  • Open to all volunteers with SHP email address. You can request an email on the SHP Dashboard here
  • 10 bed build minimum
  • Available during week/ends/holidays
  • Up to 4-day trips
  • All travel expenses covered

Interested in becoming a Certified Builder? Fill out the application in the link below.