All things related to bed deliveries.

A handy sheet that calculates what you need to bring on a delivery. Be sure to make a copy to your drive before editing and then it will be easy to find in your own drive.

SHP Application Vetting document to help when vetting bed applications with examples of questions and flow for calls in preparing deliveries.

How to vet, schedule, organize bedding, coordinate, and handle delivery contingencies.

Volunteer Philosophy adapted from NY-Syracuse

SHP Indemnification & Photo Release Form as a PDF Document to download and print.

Build Day & Delivery Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form as a PDF Document to download and print. URLs plus image files of URLs as QR codes.

Manage all your Bed Requests.

This step-by-step instructional video helps you assemble a typical SHP bunk bed.

Delivery Preparation and Setting up Delivery Teams