Disaster Relief

The Disaster Relief Program (DRP) of SHP is responsible for aiding those who have lost beds due to a disaster. Particularly, when a local chapter is unable to provide enough beds due to the amount of damage done to the area, Disaster Relief is here to step in and aid the families impacted. Each disaster reported is evaluated and if it qualifies to be acted upon, fundraising, building, and other processes will begin. We are here to help!

How can you help those in your community impacted by a disaster?

If you meet someone impacted by a disaster, send them to the DRP page on the SHP website. It’s in the menu under Programs -> Disaster Relief or you can send them the SHPBeds.org/DRP for a quick url. They can apply on this page for their disaster. You can also donated and volunteer on this page for disasters.

This form is to be completed by a chapter president or core team member when a disaster occurs in their area that is beyond the local chapter’s ability to aid.

Map of our Disaster Relief Regional Coordinators to help you know who is managing your region.