Lowe’s BAA Sponsorship Fund Application

The SHP Family has been honored to receive monetary support from the Lowe’s Corporate Foundation Board for our upcoming Bunks Across America event. The purpose of this sponsorship is to provide the necessary funds to allow chapters to participate and increase our SHP nationwide reach for BAA. With these funds, we will be able to support chapters with start up and/or increase existing tool packages, purchase build materials such as wood and hardware and other necessary items found at any Lowe’s stores. We want to support the Lowe’s Family as they are supporting us, so purchases made with this sponsorship money will need to be made at a Lowe’s store. Any purchases made otherwise will need to be stated in the application and approved by the Selection Committee. 

As these funds have been donated for the support of BAA, only registering chapters will be eligible to apply at this time. If you are unsure how to register, please review the Dashboard tab, BAA, for how to register. We want every chapter to participate, even if it’s just a few bunks, but our hope is that these funds will allow more chapters to register a BAA event and establish their chapters as active, moving forward. Only one application/chapter will be available at this time. 

The application process will be quick as there is little time left to get ready, so once you have completed ALL sections of the application and submit it, the Selection Committee will review the applications, notify the chapter president how much of the requested funds were granted and funds will be transferred to the chapters bank account.