Pajama Day

Pajama Day is designed to be an annual school fundraiser that takes place during the months of October through December and provides an influx of additional funding for your chapter. Since there is a fair amount of work to be done during the execution phase, it is highly recommended that you recruit a small core team to work together on this fundraiser.

Sharable link, click to copy:

Materials to help your chapter have succss with Pajama Day and make it fun and easy to get your commuity involved.

Parent/Teacher poster for school email to be shard with parents. There’s a location to type in the donation amount in the paragraph.

You’ll need to download first and open in Adobe Acrobat to use this donation amount field, then print or share. (downloadable & print PDF)

School Posters to hang at school and in classrooms (downloadable & print PDF)

Corporate school sponsorship flyer (shareable & printable PDF)

Additional Resources

This information below is for SHP interanl purposes only and not to be shard with sponsors.

Presentation Deck from Kickoff Meeting March 28, 2023