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Chapter Support

EmailExtContent / QuestionsContact Processing, NCR Processing, Regional Chapter Support, Monthly ChapterBudgeting, Chapter Health & SustainmentBruce Crenshaw Process Questions, Build Materials QuestionsJP Wilson
operations@shpbeds.org5019General chapter operations and overall SHP guidance with teamsJP Wilson


EmailExtContent / QuestionsContact
grants@shpbeds.org5014Any grant applications, how do I apply? Any grants questions or issuesJan Spackman
bunkheadclub@shpbeds.orgQuestions/suggestions related to the monthly giving program, Bunkhead ClubSusan Ryan


EmailExtContent / QuestionsContact
donations@shpbeds.org5022Help with specific donations, missing or incorrect, Donor Perfect IssuesJenni Riffel
Questions: P&L, Banking, Deposits, Grant or Donation?
Third-party platform donations: GoFundMe, Benevity, CrowdRise, PayPal, CyberGrants, Thrivent, Facebook Fundraisers, Mighty Cause, etc.
Anna Marshall
receipts@shpbeds.org5011Questions on Divvy/Expenses, Mileage ReimbursementYvette McEwen
insurance@shpbeds.org5011Insurance Questions, COI Requests, Trailer titling questionsYvette McEwen


EmailExtContent / QuestionsContact
it@shpbeds.org5015Email, Google Drive, Dashboard, Chapter Portal, SHPU, Tech HelpJeff Pitt


EmailExtContent / QuestionsContact
design@shpbeds.org5026Design Requests, Design Approvals, Design & Branding QuestionsDenny Butts
social@shpbeds.org5028Social Media questions, request, problems, or training
Denny Butts
website@shpbeds.org5027Dashboard questions, ideas, or suggestions, Directory photo submissions, anything website relatedDenny Butts
orders@shpbeds.org5003Staff/Public Store Purchases, Order: Sizing, Status, Receipt, ProblemsKaitlin Poulton
public.relations@shpbeds.org5018Community Contact for Public CommunicationsAnna Marshall
marketing@shpbeds.org5025General requests for Marketing supportDenny Butts

Business Operations

EmailExtContent / QuestionsContact
materials@shpbeds.org5013Jigs, solo stoves, branders, construction supplies, and mattress ordersKim Wilson
business.development@shpbeds.org5007Question/Issues with IT, systems, and operational issues for chaptersMatt McEwen
inventory@shpbeds.org5021Questions/Issues with Tool Inventory process & systemAmy Andrew


EmailExtContent / QuestionsContact
training@shpbeds.org5017NCR Training Information and Follow-Up, SHPU Questions, continued training, questions on using newly implemented software/etcAmy Andrew

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