SHP Policy & Procedures

A list of SHP Policy documents are listed below:

SHP Confidentiality Policy [  PDF Version  ]

SHP Computer Policy [  PDF Version  ]

SHP Warehouse Policy [ PDF Version ]
     • SHP Warehouse Guidelines [ PDF Version ]

SHP Forklift Policy [  PDF Version  ]

SHP Divvy Policy & Procedures [  PDF Version  ]

SHP Travel & Expense Policy [  PDF Version  ]

SHP DonorPerfect Procedures [  PDF Version  ]

Below you can find the SHP Policy Presentation from the SHP Family Check-in on December 14, 2021, where we talked about important policies and direction for SHP in 2022.

The PowerPoint version is available to download if you need the full presentation slides. The PDF version is also available for ease of downloading and viewing if you don’t need the full presentation slides.

SHP Policy Presentation [  PDF Version  |   PPT Version  ]

You can watch the SHP Family Check-in on December 14, 2021 below: