Sigma Alpha Epsilon Resource Portal

We’ll be updating this page with resources for you to use and talk with your local SAE, college students, and alumni can help your chapter fund raise, build beds, deliver beds, creating bedding drives, and opportunities in their communities. We realize there might not be a college or university near your chapter or a SAE chapter at your near by school, but they are adding chapters all the time.

A little bit about Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)

SAE is one of the largest and oldest social fraternities in the United States. Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. SAE has over 350,000 brothers have been initiated among our 220+ chapters. They have 220,000+ living alumni.

Another note is that SAE is built much like SHP. They have chapters on each campus, they have regions much like SHP, called provinces. You might be able to organize a competition between chapters in their province. SAE has a Province Leadership School, made up of chapters in that region to learn about a variety of topics. These Leadership Schools can be great opportunities for a large bed build with chapters that might be as close as an hour away.

Most chapters have a Sunday evening Chapter Meeting each week during the school year. Ask if you can come and talk to the chapter about SHP and how they can help. We’ll be creating a targeted presentation deck for chapters to download and customize to help with your time in person with SAE.

Find your SAE Chapter and Connect
Search for your local SAE chapter and contact for President, Philanthropy Chair, and / or Community Service Chair.

There’s a landing page for all SAE chapters to find out about SHP at and ways to connect with your chapter.

We’ve also had national builds with many SAE chapters at SAE Convention, Leadership School, and Executives Academy, helping to spread our mission and how they can help. You should be getting some contact from these chapters wanting to help. PLEASE respond to these chapters and help them help your chapter.

If you have questions or need help, please reach out to Denny Butts,, 719-272-1652.

Why Help SHP?
Explain that SHP needs their help to help their community. SHP offers great ways to get more out of helping others with their chapter. There are many ways they can work with SHP to help their chapter through Brotherhood, Philanthropy, Alumni, Greek Life, and Campus Life. It’s a fun, hands on experience that benefits your community directly and locally.

National Day of Service
SAE has a National Day of Service events through out the year. The could hold a True Gentleman Day of Service event with SHP,  reminding their campus and local community that SAE values service by leaving a positive impact in their community.

Getting started
It’s easy and all local. Beds they help build, deliver or raise funds for, stay local in their area and help their community. These are great opportunities to have a great relationship with their campus and local community.

How your SAE chapter can help SHP

  • Bed Builds
    SHP offers easy bed builds that your chapter can participate or sponsor at locations in your community or bring on to your campus to build with other student organizations and the student body.
  • Delivering Beds to kids in your community
    Bed Deliveries are an easy and rewarding way to help your local SHP chapter. You’ll help deliver and assemble the beds to kids that don’t have beds of their own.
  • Bedding Drives for twin sheets & pillows
    Organize bedding drives and drop off locations to donate to your local SHP chapter, make blankets with other groups on campus. These can be competitions in with donation bins in the Fraternity and Sorority houses to see who can get the most bedding. Expand and involve all student organizations on campus. Get donations bins around campus that the SAE chapter will manage and deliver to your chapter.
  • Fundraising
    Raise funds through various events to help cover the cost of building beds. Get your campus or your chapter to raise funds to run your own bed build event or buy bedding materials. SHP can create a dedicated DonorPerfect fundraising page for your SAE chapter, so you don’t have to worry about handling those donations from the SAE chapter or campus.
  • Alumni
    Many chapters host their alumni back and this is a great opportunity for the undergraduates and alumni to work together building beds and doing great for their community. It helps the undergraduates have an opportunity to connect with their alumni, network, but also see that their alumni give back also. Some chapters have active and large alumni associations where alumni connect for social and other opportunties. This could be another resource to tap for SHP.

Baylor Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapter Build Day

This morning, the brothers of the Texas Theta chapter worked with @chiomegabaylor and @shpbeds to build beds for underprivileged kids. It was such a great opportunity and can’t wait to see these beds go to kids in need.