Hello SHP Family!

The end of the year is quickly approaching. This is when things start to get really exciting in the accounting department!

I’m coming to you today with a request for your help in making this time of year easier and more smooth for all of us! Once January 1st hits, we have 1 week to get our books cleaned up so that your P&L is accurate.


Here’s what you can do for us (and SHP)

  1. Check your transactions in Divvy and respond to our emails. As we get closer to the end of the year we will need transactions to be completed immediately, our team will be emailing you if you have transactions even a day old. On January 1st, if you have any 2022 transactions that are incomplete, your Divvy card will be frozen. I know this sounds harsh, but we will not be able to complete end of year reporting for ANY chapter until they’re all done. We will also be sending lists to each RSL/CSL weekly with all names from their region who have incomplete transactions. We really appreciate everyone’s help here!
  2. Do you have any donation checks that you’re holding onto? We need those sent in or deposited right away so the donor will get credit for them in 2022. Also, if you’ve deposited any donations yourself, please get those donor records put into Donor Perfect as soon as you make the deposit. My hope is that we can relieve my team from having to send out so many emails so they can help with more important tasks to get everything rolled over.
  3. We will be sending donation tax receipts near the end of January. If a donor record has an email address, they will get theirs via email, the remaining will get a physical letter in the mail. Per IRS guidelines, we are only required to send tax receipts to those donors who made a one time donation of $250 or more. This year, we’ve decided to include any donor who donated a total of $200 or more throughout the year. We appreciate you sending out thank you notes and receipts throughout the year.

We appreciate you, your teams, your families, your sacrifice, and especially your big beautiful hearts.

Much love,

Anna (Jenni, Yvette, & Robyn)