Share Your SHP Story

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is made up of hundreds of chapters and thousands of volunteers dedicated to sharing awareness of a national problem in order to help get kids off the floor in your town.

Whether you’ve previously volunteered, donated, sponsored a build, or simply shared our story with a friend or loved one, we’d love to hear how SHP has made an impact on you or your community.


If you have donated your time, money, or talents – we are SO incredibly thankful for everyone who has supported our mission these last few years. It’s people like YOU who have helped build this organization to what it has become. To show our appreciation, we want to showcase your #MySHPStory. 


Fill out the form below with your #MySHPStory and upload any photos you’d like to share that goes along with your volunteer testimonial. Suffering from some writer’s block? Here are a few prompts to help inspire you:

  • What’s your favorite SHP memory?
  • Do you remember what sparked you to get involved in the first place?
  • How was your first build day experience?
  • Tell us about your first bed delivery.
  • Share your overall experience with SHP!


PUBLIC (Yes): Allowing us to share your testimonial with our network helps spark more generosity to help us fulfill our mission of “No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town”! Nothing makes our community happier than hearing the stories of kids who now have a bed to call their own.

ANONYMOUS (Yes – Anonymous): Excited to share your story but would rather remain anonymous? We’d still love to hear your story! Just mark ‘anonymous’ down below and we’ll keep your name to ourselves when sharing your story

PRIVATE (No): Not sure you’d like to share your story publically? No problem! We totally understand. Sharing your story privately with internal SHP staff is still a wonderful gift and acts as a powerful reminder of why we do what we do. We appreciate every note!

NOTE: Please do not complete this form if you are looking to request a bed. If you or someone you know is in need of a bed for a child in need, please CLICK HERE to be taken to the bed request application.