5 Ways to Help Kids in Need with SHP

January 19, 2021

Everyone wants to help kids who are less fortunate, but they often aren’t sure how to go about it in their own communities. We are a charity that serves local kids and needs help from other community members. There are plenty of things needed to help kids in their homes, and giving what you’re able to can elevate your mood. You’ll know that you are making a difference in the lives of kids.

1. Donate a Pillow or Sheets

One of the ways that you can help local kids is to donate bedding. Kids who are in need of beds can get them from SHP, but they also need plenty to go along with it. Many households do not have much in the way of linens, and they may have no sheets, blankets or pillows to spare. That’s where the community comes in. You can donate new and used sheets and blankets. For hygiene reasons, any pillows donated must be new. Bedskirts are not needed, and the sheets can be for various bed sizes.

2. Monetary Donations

There are a lot of specific supplies that charities need to carry out their missions. These are often easier for the non-profit to buy, as they often get discounts on supplies. They also know exactly what they need at that moment. Monetary donations allow those much-needed supplies to be bought. Even a small donation can help to buy pillows, bedding and gas for the SHP trucks. The money you donate can go further in the hands of the charity itself, and it’s a great way to support local charities as well as to help area kids. If you don’t want to donate directly, you can buy merchandise from the organization and help them with funds while you get something in return.

3. Sponsor a Bunk Build

Making bunk beds requires a lot of supplies. You can help a bed get built by sponsoring all or part of a bunk build. You can make a monetary donation toward the build, or you can host a build day with your organization. Everything is supplied by SHP- even the hand tools and power tools needed. All you need to contribute to the build is to supply the volunteers as well as a workspace large enough for the number of volunteers to build the beds. If your group has no experience with building furniture, that’s ok. They will be trained by SHP staffers who can supervise the work and help with any problems. 

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is one thing that makes everyone feel good. They feel good about doing positive things in the world and proud of themselves for stepping up and doing the work. While volunteering you can learn new skills and grow new self-confidence as you learn to build and complete beds. You will also know that you did something to help kids to have a better quality of life. Spending only a few hours on a build can make permanent, positive changes for kids in need. Volunteering also helps you to meet other community members as well as teaching you about how fortunate you are in your own life. 

5. Spread the Word

SHP relies on its volunteers and those who donate goods or money to the cause. To get those volunteers and donations, we need word of mouth to be spread all over the community. Simply letting others know what the organization does and how it helps kids is often enough to inspire others to take action and help the cause. Using social media is a great way to keep the community informed about SHP. Spreading the word can also encourage people to have a team bonding experience with a build day! 

If you’re ready to volunteer, donate bedding or make a monetary donation, find your local chapter to help kids in need in your town.