A Snapshot of How SHP’s Nonprofit Donations Are Used

November 14, 2019

You may wonder how SHP uses all the funds we receive from generous donors. Well, simply put, we aren’t like some nonprofits that use 90% for overhead with 10% actually going to the cause. In fact, we’re almost the exact opposite of those other nonprofits.

We have always had an intense focus on putting as much of our donations back into the bed building and delivery process as possible. In fact, this is what the mission of SHP demands: To see that “no kid sleeps on the floor in our town.” It’s definitely NOT, “To see that our special interests are funded in the name of ensuring that no kid sleeps on the floor in our town.”

Our goal is 80% program expenses and then 20% management and fundraising expenses. Our program expenses fall under three main categories: build tools, build materials, and bedding/mattresses. Management expenses go toward any expense that does not directly involve building and delivering beds, and fundraising expenses help us continue to spread the word about and gain funds for SHP.

A couple weeks ago, Board of Directors member Jordan Allen was being interviewed on a podcast and was asked why SHP didn’t pay Luke, the Executive Director, a full-time salary after he quit his job to dedicate all of his time to SHP. Jordan simply replied, “This is what every other charity would do. Our answer is- we aren’t trying to be like every other charity or nonprofit.”

We have always put our mission first. It guides our decisions. It is our compass.

This mission demands growth and we chose, deliberately, not to hobble the mission with salaries. It has been a sacrifice for many. But the result is something beautiful. Communities have been brought together, and children have been able to find rest, comfort, and peace.

So, in the spirit of our Mission, when a person donates a dollar to their chapter, they can be assured that dollar will literally go toward bringing a community together by building and delivering beds to children in need.

Looking Forward

To ensure that we’re always putting our best foot forward and handling this commission responsibly, we are constantly asking ourselves these questions:

  • How and where do we spend SHP funds that will ensure continued mission growth, as well as organizational sustainability?
  • Are we being efficient with our spending?
  • Are we financially able to sustain our chapters and grow?
  • Are we staying responsible to our stakeholders?

These questions are important, because they keep us on course with our mission. We always want to be good stewards of what we’ve been given.

And true to our mission, be sure to check out our annual Bunks Across America event! It’s a great opportunity to get involved and be a part of history.

Learn more about #BAA2020.