A Not-so-Sleepless Night

November 28, 2017

There are days when we deliver beds, and we know it’s going to help a child that has been sleeping on the floor, and then there are days when we know because we see it in person. Not long ago, some of our team members delivered a bed and were blown away by the magnitude of what receiving a bed actually meant to a little girl.

This particular delivery was a special one. Our team members arrived at the house to deliver the bed with the same love and respect as always. As they walked into the room where they were to put the bed, they were suddenly struck with an extra dose of compassion. As they opened the door, they saw the little girl who was to receive the bed sleeping on the floor in her makeshift sleeping arrangement. When the girl woke up to find that she was to have her very own bed she was so proud!

Just imagine the joy she must have felt. Being woken from a restless and uncomfortable sleep on the floor to find that she now had a comfortable bed that was made just for her.

This is why we exist and why we are so passionate about what we do. You can be part of it!