Why Volunteering Looks Good on College Applications

December 5, 2019

You probably know that volunteering will look great on your college applications, but do you know why? Read on to find out how doing a good thing for your community can be a good thing for your education, too!

What Colleges See

Volunteering is one of those rare things that benefit your community, your current self, and your future self. It benefits your community by helping people out, creating goodwill, and strengthening connections. It helps your present self by getting you out of the house and into some great experiences. And, of course, it benefits your future self by looking great on college applications.

But why do colleges look for volunteering experience? Here are just a few things to keep in mind.

#1: It shows you care.

A thoughtful, selfless college applicant is a perfect addition to any campus. Volunteering is the ideal way to show that you care about your community. For example, by volunteering to help local kids, you show that you’re invested in creating a better world for our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.

#2: It shows off your flexible time-management skills.

A student who can get good grades, maintain a social life, and still find time to volunteer has excellent time-management skills. Colleges want people who can adapt to new situations, meet deadlines, and be efficient while doing it.

#3: It shows your personality.

Colleges don’t just want your GPA and test scores. They want to know who you are–and volunteering is a big way to show them that. Whether you chose something you were passionate about, learned something new, made some great friends, or just put more good into the world, volunteer experience proves that you took the time to build character by helping others.

Think Beyond the Application

While it’s tempting to talk about how volunteering looks good on paper, it’s crucial to also remember why it does. Volunteering is one of the most important things you can do for your community. Organizations rely on volunteers to help them continue to do good and fulfill their goals, so your contribution directly impacts many different people. 

Additionally, volunteering offers a unique opportunity to gain real-world skills beyond the classroom and outside of your job. These, again, are skills that will look good on another paper (your resume), but they are actual skills that will help you build your career. 

Don’t forget that it’s incredibly rewarding, too!

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will look great on your college applications? Sleep in Heavenly Peace always need helping hands to build beds for kids in need. Contact your local chapter today to get started!