Should You Be Donating To Nonprofits Locally Or Globally?

March 10, 2022

All around the world, people are struggling to access basic needs like food, clean water, clothing, and a comfortable bed to lay their heads at night. With so many people in need, donors are looking for the best options to help make a difference. Whether halfway around the world or right here at home in local communities, there’s no shortage of incredible ways you can make a difference today.

So how do you know where to choose when making an impact in the world? Should you be thinking globally or donating locally? Here are some things to consider when you’re donating to nonprofits.


When donating to nonprofits, we often think about giving to underdeveloped nations around the world. But when you give locally, you have the chance to see first-hand the difference your donations are making every day. And unlike a global donation, you can take a more hands-on approach with the results of your monetary giving. It also feels good to know that you’re caring for your community and taking steps to ensure that your fellow citizens receive the care they desperately need.


It can be hard to think about giving globally when you see people in need all-around your city. When you give locally, there are a few added benefits to consider.

  • Tour the Facilities: You can take a walk through the organization and see up close if they’re the right fit for you. By taking a tour, you’ll get a feel for the people involved, how they handle donations, and learn how you can be a part of paying it forward. Tours can be a tremendous help in your research when deciding on a nonprofit.
  • Get Actively Involved: If you’re a passionate supporter who wants to be more directly involved in a nonprofit’s efforts, donating locally will ensure that you’re just a short drive away from joining in on any outreach events.
  • Fewer Overhead Costs: Local nonprofits have fewer overhead costs to take care of, so you can ensure that more of your donation will be going directly to the cause you want to support. And while keeping the facility running is essential for a nonprofit’s survival, it’s also nice to know that your money is going directly to feeding, clothing, and housing the people in need.


The amount of poverty in third-world countries can be a shocking wake-up call, so you can rest assured that these communities will appreciate your money. And while it may not be as easy to hop on a plane as it is to take a short drive, you can always contact a nonprofit to get specifics on how your money is put to use.


There are a few reasons you may want to donate to nonprofits around the globe. Here are some of the biggest:

  • Your Dollar Goes Farther: If you want the most bang for your buck, donating to countries that have underdeveloped economies means that you can make a greater impact for less. Depending on the country, you could feed a whole family for the price of an individual from a more developed area.
  • More Established: Global charities are often larger and more established. The longer the organization has existed, the more stable they are in helping their cause leading to a smaller risk of your chosen nonprofit not surviving in the coming years.
  • Wider Reach: Nonprofits serving the unfortunate around the globe have a wider reach when it comes to the number of people they can help. In many areas, entire communities struggle to survive each day with little to no help other than a passionate donor willing to lend a hand.


Whether you decide on donating to nonprofits locally or globally, the most important thing is that you’ll be making a difference for people in need. If you want, you could even consider choosing a local and global nonprofit to round out your donations. All you have to do is take that next step! You have the chance to act now and be a part of giving every person the opportunity to have a better life.

And if you’re still looking for an impactful nonprofit, we’d love to have your support. Help us make a difference today!