Make it Easier to Donate with Automatic Payroll Deductions

October 12, 2020

One of the best things we can do to support our favorite non-profits is making donations regularly. While a donor may have an annual amount they would like to give, it is not always convenient to make that donation at one time. This is where smaller payments throughout the year come in handy for your donations. In order to make this effortless, you can make these donations through automatic payroll deductions.

Why automatic payroll deductions? 

Many employers offer their employees the option to have payments deducted directly from their pay. Depending on your pay cycle, you can make recurring payments in equal amounts as a donor to a certain Nonprofit of your choice. Like your benefits, the donation is broken up into payments and deducted at each payout in an equal amount. There are several benefits to consider with automatic payroll deductions. 

No Additional Transactions

Once you have requested that your nonprofit receive a donation from your paycheck, you do not have to make additional transactions to get the money there–it is processed automatically. It’s easy to donate and forget about until the time comes to renew the donation for the next year. Any time you want to change the amount of the payment, you can reach out to your employer and make that change if you find that you are able to donate more with the automatic payroll deduction option. 

Don’t Forget A Payment

When you are responsible for sending the donation to the nonprofit, you may have a month or two where you forget the payment. When it is processed in automatic payroll deductions, you do not have to keep up with the donations and can trust that your money is getting to where it needs to be. You can even receive a statement that shows the donation leaving your account and being transferred to the nonprofit for your records if you would like. 

Lower Payments 

When you have these payments deducted automatically from each check, you are able to make smaller payments, which help you manage your donation. Many nonprofits are able to survive with smaller amounts from their donors that are manageable for them and allow them to continue the gift of giving without it causing significant issues financially. This is much easier to manage than larger payments that tend to be promised or shortened when the time comes to donate because of other financial obligations arising. 

Consider The Automatic Payroll Deduction For Your Next Donation

If you would like to contribute to your favorite nonprofit but not able to give a large donation at once, break your gift up into smaller payments so that it is more manageable for you and allow you to make all of these payments regularly. 

At Sleep In Heavenly Peace, we proudly accept automatic payroll deductions gifts from our donors, especially if it helps you continue with your gift of giving. If you would like more information on how to donate or get more information, contact us today