These Companies Offer Corporate Gift Matching

December 9, 2020

If you are looking for a way to support those less fortunate while also receiving a break on your taxes, then corporate gift matching is a great place to start. Furthermore, many companies in the Fortune 500 are actually willing to match your donation. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these companies are stepping up their dedication to philanthropic efforts. This should further incentivize you to try to donate to some fantastic charitable organizations. Here are a few companies with some of the top corporate gift matching programs in the world.

American Express

American Express is one of the top financial services companies in the world. While the corporation is known mostly for its credit card services, they also provide corporate gift matching programs that support nonprofit organizations while also supporting its employees’ volunteer efforts.

American Express already has a 1:1 match ratio in place for all donations (up to $8,000); American Express employees can also become eligible for a 2:1 match if they serve on a nonprofit board or volunteer with nonprofit organizations regularly.

The Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola is an incredibly popular, worldwide brand known for its beverages, including Coca Cola itself. In addition, Coca Cola also has an outstanding corporate gift matching that covers current employees and retired ones.

Both current employees and retired employees can donate to non-profit organizations and receive a match ratio of 2:1. Furthermore, the cap is $20,000. With this type of corporate gift matching program, it is possible to make a true difference in the world.


Avon is a marketing company with a focus on personal care, household, and beauty products. In addition to sponsoring numerous charitable organizations itself, Avon also pushes its employees to get involved with non-profit organizations.

Employees will receive a 2:1 match on the first $500 they donate, with an additional 1:1 match rate up to a max of $15,000. Avon’s employees are always seen helping out the local community due to this corporate gift matching program.


One of the largest oil and gas companies globally, ExxonMobil, also has one of the world’s top corporate gift matching programs. This program is broad and covers not only current employees but also former employees and their spouses.

Current employees are always matched at a 2:1 ratio while spouses and donations from former employees are matched at a 1:1 ratio up to a maximum of $7,500; however, Exxon does not stop there. They also provide monetary grants directly to organizations where their employees volunteer regularly regularly. In this manner, Exxon tries to support their employees’ efforts to really help their local communities.

Make a Difference in the Local Community

These are just a few of the numerous companies that have an amazing corporate gift matching programs. By taking the time and energy to support philanthropic organizations, it is possible to support worthy causes while also enlisting some of the world’s largest companies. Contact Sleep in Heavenly Peace Sleep Heavenly in Peace to learn more about volunteer opportunities today!