5 Virtual Volunteering Opportunities for the Whole Family

December 13, 2021

With many people staying home nowadays, volunteering may not be the first thing many think about when trying to find things to do. However, this is the perfect time to offer your expertise. Plus, you can get the entire family into the spirit. With so many people stuck at home, many are looking for help, for everything from cooking advice to homeschooling and even mental health. Here are five ways your family can serve the community right from your living room. If you would prefer to help in person, then check out this complete guide to helping local families in need.

Talk about volunteering to help families in need together

Sitting down after dinner, or class, if you have younger children is the best way to figure out how your family can help others in the community. You can even help people across the country by connecting online. You can talk about the strengths of each family member and find out ideas about which volunteering methods are important to each other. If you have elderly or younger children in your family, then there are opportunities for each of them to help. These members can create support groups or even read to young people who need to improve their reading skills. 

Use your hobbies and passions to guide you

Whether you love cars, cooking, or beauty products, these hobbies can direct you to find an important volunteer opportunity. Offering to teach your favorite dish to mothers who want to make healthier meals is one way. You can teach people how to fix their vehicles if they cannot afford to take it to a shop because of little work. 

Share your expertise with others

What are your skills? What things does your family do for a living? You can help people who are learning to get into your industry take online classes. Video tutorials are a tremendous help for people who need visual instruction. Children and teens can help by doing videos on subjects they have already mastered in school.

Listen to people who cannot leave their homes

Many people are stricken with depression during these difficult times. Taking the time to let people talk about their frustrations, fears, and pain gives them a platform for a healthy outlet. Your time may help someone else avoid depression or thoughts of suicide. 

Tutor young children who need help with difficult subjects

Kids need everyone’s help right now. With many parents feeling inadequate to teach their children at home, having someone who can help with difficult subjects like math and science is crucial to helping these kids succeed. Your entire family can tutor kids on a vast array of subjects, depending on what each person is good at and knows the best. When these kids attend school in person, it will better equip them to succeed.

Volunteering is a beautiful way to connect to your community and help others whether you can leave home or not. There are many opportunities to connect on social media or through popular volunteer sites.

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