Help Support SHP This GivingTuesday

November 21, 2019

GivingTuesday has become more than just a day to give to nonprofits that people believe in. It’s become a global movement and one that SHP wants to invite you to be part of.

Every year, families gather in their homes to give thanks for their blessings and celebrate Thanksgiving. Fast forward a few hours, and they’re off shopping, many times forgetting that mere hours ago they were thankful for what they had. 

The holiday season, in the past, has been a mixture of thankfulness and desire, joyfulness and sorrow. Materialism rears its ugly head, and society tends to forget what’s most important- people. Well, we refuse to forget the people. There are children this holiday season who will find themselves without beds, sleeping on couches and even on floors. We want to fix that. This is a national issue, and we have a national solution.  

SHP has had an amazing year, and it’s all because of our people! Behind every build day, donor, sponsor, or bed recipient is a person with a story, and your story is our story. This GivingTuesday, we’re coming together to care for those families who don’t have the luxury of a warm bed to sleep in during the holiday season to give them the hope that they so desperately need. Will you join us?

About GivingTuesday: What is it?

GivingTuesday is always celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving in the United States. It inspires millions of people to give to causes and issues that they believe in and want to support.

The goal of GivingTuesday was to create a massive wave of generosity that went beyond one day. The hope was that technology and social media would help make generosity go viral, impacting nonprofits across the globe- and that’s exactly what it’s done. Collective action caused by GivingTuesday gives us hope in our current fragile society.

This year, GivingTuesday will take place on December 3rd, and we invite you to join us in sharing the mission of Sleep in Heavenly Peace (and to give if you feel the desire to!).

GivingTuesday Support Opportunities with SHP

At SHP, we’re a family, and we invite you to join our family as we care for one another and those around us this holiday season and throughout the year. There are lots of ways to participate in this year’s GivingTuesday! Here are a few suggestions.


If you have been impacted by SHP in any way (you’ve received a bed, volunteered, donated because you believe in our vision, etc), we invite you to share your story on social media. If you share, make sure to use the hashtags #givingtuesday and #shpbeds and tag us @shpbeds to maximize your reach! Helping SHP reach more people provides us with opportunities to find new donors or families in need.

If You’re Able, Donate

Financial donations are always needed by nonprofits, and SHP is no exception. Our supporters’ generous donations help us purchase the supplies needed for beds as well as the delivery of those beds to children.

If you haven’t worked with SHP before, now’s the perfect time to learn more about our mission and lend your support. Your donations help us fight child bedlessness and offer kids in need better sleep and a better tomorrow.

To participate in and give this GivingTuesday, you can support us as we work to solve the national bed crisis. We invite you to donate funds here. Your generous donation will go toward building a bed for a child who needs one.

SHP also accepts donations of materials and bedding, which we use for builds and to get children set up with a complete bed — pillows, sheets, and all.


Learn About Volunteer Opportunities 

If you’re looking for a way to make an impact beyond financial support, consider volunteering with SHP. You can participate in Build Days, which are fun events that bring communities together and build beds for kids in need. Find your local chapter here to learn how you can get involved. 

You can also sponsor a build day in your community!