How Can You Help Families in Need After a Natural Disaster?

February 14, 2022

Many people feel helpless when hearing the news of a natural disaster happening. Often this spurs them into action and sends them looking for ways to contribute to the relief efforts. If this is you, you have already taken care of the first step to helping families in need after a natural disaster; the desire to help!

Getting Started with Giving

Your next step should be to research out reputable organizations that are on the ground assisting with the tragedy. They will have firsthand knowledge of the affected communities’ needs and the priority and urgency of those needs.

Then with the help of these organizations, you can evaluate what needs you are best able to contribute towards supporting the relief efforts of any particular tragedy. Such donations may include supplies, your time as a volunteer, giving blood, or financial contributions.

How SHP Helps in Natural Disaster Aid

Among the many organizations that offer families in need of help and support during natural disasters is Sleep in Heavenly Peace, especially with the SHP Disaster Relief Fund. We can accept in-kind donations that can help families in need with supplies and have many volunteer opportunities including Build Days where you can help build a bunk that will help a child off the floor and back to feeling safe in a bed of their own.

The SHP Disaster Relief Fund manages its financial contributions to benefit children who have lost their beds and even their homes in tragedies around the world. Donations go to both partner agencies and local SHP chapters to construct and distribute bunk beds to victims of the disaster. A versatile benefit to financial contributions is that we don’t have to wait for the next tragedy, we can help prepare organizations today to be ready and be there for the families that will need them tomorrow. Learn more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace’s Disaster Relief Fund.