How to Research Non-Profits to Support in 2022

December 13, 2021

Finding the right non-profit to support can be difficult. With the abundance of new non-profits being created on a regular basis, there are so many out there that choosing the best one can be nearly impossible. If you’re interested in supporting a non-profit organization in 2022, here is an overview of how to perform research so you can be sure you’re supporting the right agency. 

Why Do You Want to Give?

The first step to choosing a worthy cause to support in 2022 is to determine why you want to give. If you want to give because you want to help end child hunger or help children in another way, then you have already decided that you want to support a non-profit that provides assistance to children. Knowing this will enable you to narrow down your non-profit choices to only those that provide programs for young people.

Do You Want to Give Money, Goods, or Time?

To narrow down your choices even more, you need to determine what type of support you want to provide. If you want to donate money or goods to the non-profit of your choice, then you should have no problem choosing a worthy non-profit. However, if you want to volunteer, you will have to find a non-profit that has volunteer positions available at the time you wish to volunteer. If some agencies don’t have an opening, they will place your name on a waiting list and contact you when an opening becomes available. 

What Does The Non-Profit Use Their Monetary Donations For?

It is your right as a prospective supporter to know what the agency that you choose to support uses monetary donations for. This information should be easy to find out if you speak with the right person. If the agency isn’t as forthcoming as you would like, or they seem hesitant, then it may not be the agency for you.

What Is Their Mission and Does It Fit Your Values?

When deciding on a non-profit to support, you should find out what the mission is of a prospective non-profit is. Look for a non-profit whose mission more closely fits your values, which will help you to narrow down your choices. If you’re not sure about the mission of a particular non-profit, then don’t be afraid to move on. There are too many agencies available to focus too long on one that doesn’t seem to meet your needs. 

Go With Your Instincts

If you have a good feeling about a particular non-profit, then you should go with your instincts. Reach out to the non-profit and inquire about making a donation or volunteering your time. If you continue to have a good feeling about that particular non-profit and you haven’t heard anything negative about the agency, then you have made your choice and you should feel proud. 

Supporting a non-profit can entail becoming a volunteer, donating funds or goods, or even volunteering time. Regardless of how you choose to support your favorite non-profit, ensuring that you’re supporting the right organization is important. Hopefully, this overview has provided you with tips that can help you choose the ideal non-profit to support in the year 2022.