How to Write About Your Non-Profit Volunteer Experience for a College Admissions Essay

February 24, 2022

It is that time! You are getting ready to complete your college applications and begin the next exciting chapter of your future. Perhaps you have a few selections lined up including favorites and backup choices or maybe you are focusing on that one university where you know you are destined to go. No matter how many college applications you have before you, you are aware of the fierce competition. You have worked hard on your grades, school activities and making future goals but there is an emerging standard that is a must-have in college applications that will compliment all your hard work and that is volunteer service for nonprofit organizations.

Volunteering Sets You Apart

One of the best ways to showcase this complement to the collection of documents recommending you to the college admissions teams is to use your volunteer experience for a nonprofit as the subject of your admissions essay. This will not only make your essay compelling but also lends you ripe writing material for the essay itself. 

You no longer need to fret about what to write about when your volunteer experience at a nonprofit will give you a wonderful framework for your admissions essay. A framework where you can showcase leadership experience, insight into your goals and priorities, and simply offer a compelling snapshot of who you are.

Potential Scholarship Opportunities

Another perk is that colleges and universities often have excess scholarship funds that they will apply to incoming students which can be triggered during the application evaluation. You may unwittingly attract scholarship funds when you share your nonprofit volunteer experiences via your admissions essay. Or, you can leverage your experience to apply directly for those opportunities, which can help your scholarship applications be extra appealing. 

How to Write About Volunteering

Whether your tales of service give you just that edge to college acceptance or both acceptance and some financial assistance, the following are some tips on how to write that admissions essay about your nonprofit volunteer experience.

Strive to be self-aware and share the reasons you are passionate about the impact for good this nonprofit organization has on your community. This will help paint an overall impression of the value you have to offer any community that you participate in, your dedication and commitment to your future goals, and how you can help shape the future for good. 

Be detailed and specific about the leadership skills you have gained from your nonprofit volunteer experience and how your volunteer service impacted your community for good. Be honest in your descriptions of services rendered while balancing them with humility.

It’s Not Too Late to Volunteer

If you have not found a nonprofit organization to volunteer for, think of what you are passionate about and search your community for an organization that aligns. Your school counselor may be able to locate a good nonprofit organization for you or you can make a good internet search using the keywords: volunteer, nonprofit organizations, and words that describe your interests. If you are passionate about families in need, specifically when they need help recovering from tragedy, value the importance of sleep, or have an interest in making things with your hands then we have a great organization for you.

Check out the volunteer opportunities at a local chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.