Small Ways To Make A Big Difference In Your Community

March 16, 2022

There’s no better way to help improve the world than starting right in our communities. Nobody knows a city quite like its citizens, so who better to help out than the people who live, work, and play in these communities?

Here are some high-impact ways you can volunteer and make a difference this year!

Your Time Has an Impact

Although most of us think of giving money when we think of charity work, volunteering your time can have just as much value as monetary donations. Being a volunteer tremendously helps those around us and allows us to grow into better people. Here are some areas that are a priority for volunteer work.

Clean Up Your City

In 2021, Keep America Beautiful released a study reporting nearly 50 billion pieces of litter along U.S. roadways and waterways. Imagine the difference we could make if everyone pitched in to clean our communities? You can either organize or join a group to pick up trash and other debris around your city. Community clean-ups are a powerful way to see a physical transformation that will motivate others to continue lifting your community.

Get Food to those in Need

A soup kitchen is a great way to help feed people around your city. When you volunteer for food drives, it feels good to know that you’re assisting people with their most essential needs in life. Better yet, this is an area the whole family can get involved with so that you don’t have to sacrifice your family time. A food drive can teach valuable lessons to your children about helping others that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Share Fundraiser Pages

A quick way to lend a hand is to search for local fundraisers and help them gain more visibility. Sharing a fundraiser page is especially great for anyone who wants to make a difference but can’t afford to give right now. You can share events with your friends on social media, which helps expand its reach to those who do have some extra money to spare. It’s a free gesture to you but priceless to your community as you help someone cut through the noise and get more eyes on their event.

Attend Town Hall Meetings

Community meetings are a staple way to make a difference in your city. The best way to make a change is to understand how your city’s current legislation impacts its citizens. There’s strength in numbers, so volunteering your time at a town meeting can help give visibility to the problems you see your community facing each day. Your voice is valuable, and you can use that voice to help your community be heard.

Everyday Ways to Make a Difference

Aside from volunteering your time, here are some other vital ways to make a massive impact on your community.

Donate Your Stuff

As they say, one family’s junk is another family’s treasure. Many of us have more than we need, and it’s especially apparent when we move to a new house. Whenever you find items you thought you lost or no longer need, consider donating your goods to charities instead of having a garage sale. You’ll be organizing your house while putting a smile on the faces of those who will appreciate the goods you no longer use.

Support Local Businesses

Local businesses are the backbone of every city, so each time you eat and shop locally, you’re doing your part to keep those businesses afloat. Even better, you can share your support by spreading the word on social media. Many small businesses can’t afford the proper marketing they need to attract customers, so you can help give them a hand in some free marketing by sharing your passion for your favorite businesses.

Watch Out for Fellow Community Members

Unfortunately, crime will always be a significant threat to communities everywhere. However, you can play a role in helping to reduce crime by banding together and reporting criminal activity as it happens in your neighborhood.


Donating money and volunteering aren’t the only ways to positively affect your community—you can make a conscious effort every day! These suggestions are just a few ways you can make a difference, so start looking for even more creative things you can do to give back to your fellow humans. 

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