Need Gift Ideas This Year? Try the Gift of Making an Impact

December 22, 2020

During these troubling times, giving is appreciated all the more. If you’re able to give this holiday season, consider gifts that will make an impact in your community, such as donating to charity or volunteering your time or skills to help others. These gifts have real value as they provide help and support to those in need.

Donating to Charity

Donations make wonderful Christmas gifts and enable you to give back to others. You can donate outright or donate in the name of a friend or loved one. Rather than buying things that others may not appreciate or need, make a donation to a friend or loved one’s favorite charity in his or her name. A donation to a cause someone believes in is a meaningful gift that’s sure to touch their heart. It’s a perfect choice for someone who has everything, especially if you choose a charity or non-profit that’s dear to that person’s heart.

Gift Cards

Monetary gifts aren’t the only donations you can give. Many non-profits accept gifts of food, toys for children, clothing, furniture, household supplies, or other essential items for families in need. Gift cards also make great gifts as the non-profit can distribute them to members of the community in need.  You can find gift cards that can be redeemed for food, clothes, school supplies, gasoline, and more.

Choosing a Non-profit to Give To

There are hundreds of charities and non-profit organizations that would welcome your gift this holiday season. You can choose from local, national, or international charities in need. Some well-known organizations that are worth considering are UNICEF, Children International, Heifer International, Oceana and Oxfam, just to name a few. You can also check out non-profits in your local area to see where your donation will have the most impact in giving back to your community.


Volunteering offers yet another means of giving for the holidays. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer your time and skills to help others, especially during the holiday season. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your local community. By researching the need where you live, you’ll have a better idea of where your volunteer efforts can do the most good. Here are just a few ideas to consider:

  • Organizing a toy or food drive
  • Serving meals at a soup kitchen
  • Packing and distributing food at a food bank
  • Collecting donations of food and clothing for homeless shelters
  • Helping to build furniture or homes for needy families
  • Adopting a family for the holidays to give them a truly memorable holiday season

Donating your time and skills can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others. It will enrich your life as well as you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends among fellow volunteers and see first-hand the effect that giving can have on those in need.  

If you’re interested in making a child’s dream of having a bed of his own come true this holiday season, contact Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) where your donation, building skills, or both will go a long way to impact the lives of children in need.