Nonprofits Need Your Time, Too

June 11, 2020

Writing a check to a nonprofit can feel good, and it is a way to do good in your community. However, nonprofit organizations benefit from donations of money and time, and if you have been wondering if you can do more in your community, now is the time to broaden your ideas about “giving back.”

Giving time can be incredibly helpful for a charity. Sometimes in the nonprofit world, monetary donations come with requests or parameters around them. Donations of time, on the other hand, offer organizations more flexibility and can make a tremendous difference.

Of course, financial contributions are always welcome since they keep the lights on at any nonprofit. But here are a few things to think about as far as donating time to your nonprofit of choice.

Donating Time Vs. Donating Money

Donating your time to a nonprofit organization makes you feel good while benefiting the charity. When you volunteer, you can fill in the gaps in a nonprofit that may not be able to do everything. Plus, giving time when you can’t afford to give money is a great way to lend a helping hand to a cause you believe in.

People tend to feel more connected to their community, more fulfilled, and more purposeful when volunteering, so if you’ve thought about giving your time to a nonprofit group, give them a call!

Giving money to charitable organizations makes your community better, you know you’re doing your part, and it is a good way to invest in causes you believe in and support. Every charity relies on donations, so it’s always a good idea to give financially if you are able.

Donating to organizations that help children live better lives by providing food, beds, and other basic needs are an excellent place to start.

Look for nonprofits that are invested in a good cause, have a mission that you support, and are in line with your personal values. Then, you can be generous with your giving. Remember that giving money matters just as much as giving time, and for many people, it is the most realistic way to contribute.




How to Donate Your Time

Giving time means that you are available for whatever they need. Calling a few organizations and asking about volunteer needs is a great place to start. They will let you know what they are looking for, any time or location requests, and you can decide if it’s a good match for you.

Once you find a nonprofit match, you can coordinate with the organization, letting them know how much time you can give and on what days. When they are comfortable asking you to help with any task, they will be sure it fits in a time frame that you provide. It’s win/win for everyone.

Perks of Contributing Your Time

Volunteering is a great way to give back when you’re not financially able to donate. Many charities have day to day operations that they need assistance with, and others have specific tasks they allocate to volunteers. This means that your time is valuable and it can help a nonprofit do all the things they need to do.

Additionally, volunteering is an awesome opportunity to work together with friends or family (if you volunteer together) or to meet new people. For many younger volunteers, donating time helps them learn valuable skills that can serve them in college, their careers, and beyond.

Finding the Right Charity

If you’re looking for a nonprofit organization that helps specific groups (like kids in need) in your community, there are a few to reach out to. Look around at local listings, call specific nonprofits like groups that help children and ask friends and family for ideas of where you can help.

You can research charities to find which organizations match your values, reach out to them, and start your journey of giving back.

At Sleep in Heavenly Peace, we have volunteer opportunities including bed deliveries and build days, where volunteers build beautiful, sturdy beds to give to kids in need. Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.