The Success of Bunks Across America

June 21, 2019

In 2017, Sleep in Heavenly Peace had about 10 chapters. Thanks to some national exposure from household names like Mike Rowe and CNN, by June of 2018, SHP grew to roughly 40 active chapters. And fast forward to right now, we’ve grown to become a national organization made up of 150 chapters who are out to solve a national crisis.

On Saturday, June 15th, communities across the country joined SHP and its supporters during our very first national build day and the response has been enormous. To all those who took part in this herculean effort—thank you! It is because of good people like you that SHP will be able to continue to tackle the national problem of bedlessness.

Bunks Across America brought together 108 chapters and 8,534 volunteers in 38 states across the country for one united purpose, to help 5,459 kids off the floor in their town.

A Thank You to Our Sponsors

Not only did (SO) many volunteers show up for the children in their communities, but we had many sponsors and donors who helped make this day possible in order to help get kids off the floor in their town.

First, we want to thank Lowe’s who made a very LARGE donation to the cause. Because of their donation, SHP was able to offset a significant portion of the cost associated with building materials for Bunks Across America and many more children are getting the good nights sleep they deserve because of their generosity.

Also, a big thank you to Cat Footwear. CAT Footwear donated a pair of boots to each participating chapter in addition to safety equipment that assisted in making this day safe for our volunteers. Not only did CAT contribute footwear and safety kits, they also made donations in the forms of building materials and event exposure.

While there are so many more to thank, we want to thank another one of our major sponsors who has supported SHP’s mission from the beginning by providing high-quality mattresses for our beds, Lucid Mattress. They also provided social media and video marketing to promote our Bunks Across America mission statement throughout the U.S. You can see the video here

The Results

Because of the 8,534 volunteers that showed up to Bunks Across America on June 15th and the many that gave financially to the cause, we were able to build 2,729.5 bunk beds. That means 5,490 kids are no longer sleeping on the floor across our nation from this single event. Well done, SHP family! We could not be more proud and excited about the progress we made and the lives that have been forever changed.

Bunks Across America was a huge success, and we don’t take that lightly! To all of you who showed up in various ways, whether that was building, giving your time, giving funds, etc.- THANK YOU! You didn’t just show up for SHP, but you showed up for the children in your communities.

Bunks Across America was an amazing day that helped thousands of children, but we’re just getting started!

Did You Miss Out on Bunks Across America?

We have builds happening across America every day. You can check out our events page for your Chapter’s next build day. If you don’t have a local build happening soon, there are other ways to get involved with SHP and help a kid in need of a good nights sleep. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a difference in the lives of the children and families in your community!