Volunteering: A New Take on Team Building

October 16, 2019

Team-building activities are an essential step toward making sure everyone is communicating effectively, working efficiently, and trusting one another. But can team building activities do even more? Read on to find out!


Team-building activities make employees feel like, well, a team. They work together, hear and appreciate each other’s opinions, learn new things, and build trusting bonds that will benefit them going forward. However, great team building activities do all of that and more, allowing employees to make a difference in the community as well as in their team.

Volunteering is Great for Teams

Building beds for kids with SHP helps bring your employees together, all for a great cause. It’s one thing to break the ice and get everybody talking; it’s another thing to do that while knowing that your work is going to help kids get better, healthier sleep.

Here are just a few things you can expect from team-building activities through SHP!

Better communication

Building beds is one of those tasks that requires everybody to be on the same page–which means it’s a great way to improve communication between employees. No matter who you are or what you’re good at, your voice is important during a bed build, and in your team!

Savvy problem-solving

Although everyone hopes you won’t run into too many issues during a build, there’s always an aspect of problem-solving in every job. Employees get to work together to come up with creative, practical solutions, all with a high-end goal.

Improved team spirit

There’s nothing like an important task to bring a team together, and what could be more important than making life better for kids? A bed-building project inspires the kind of team spirit that can only be found through coming together to make a difference.

Team-Building Isn’t Just for Companies

Team-building isn’t just for employees, it can be for any group no matter how big or small.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune just posted this article about a very amazing group of high school students who gathered at the Rose Bowl to build bunk beds for victim’s of last year’s Northern California Camp Fire. They built 100 bunks and donated them to SHP. They will be delivered to children in Pasadena and the victims of last year’s fire. 

Are you interested in team building activities with SHP? We’d love to have your help! Contact us today to get started.