Make Volunteering Your New Holiday Tradition

December 16, 2020

The holidays can bring a flurry of snow as well as a flurry of activities. If your family is ready for the holidays, they are probably also ready to volunteer for a non-profit. Getting into this habit and doing it every year is an excellent idea for many reasons.

You Can Spread the Holiday Spirit

One reason that so many families volunteer around the holidays is that they are full of holiday spirit and want to spread that to others. There are plenty of people out there who feel hopeless this holiday season. It can often help for people to talk to them and give them something that will make the holidays a little better for them. This can include donating food and distributing it at a soup kitchen or shelter. For people alone on a holiday, spending time with them will make the day brighter for them. 

You Have Free Time

Most people are off work for the holidays, and their kids are out of school. This makes it the perfect time to get together and volunteer with a non-profit. When you volunteer at this time of year, it can make you feel better about what you have during the rest of the year. During the holiday season, you could spend whole days volunteering in your community to others’ lives better. This holiday volunteering every year is a great way for families to bond through caring for others.

You Can Be a Good Example

Even if no one around you wants to volunteer, they will see what you’re doing and will be more inclined to volunteer or donate themselves. It’s a particularly good example for kids. Be sure to talk to them about your volunteering and how you made the holiday better for someone else. It’s a good message to spread among the commercialism of the holidays. Let them know that it isn’t just about receiving- it’s about giving. 

Safety and Volunteering

For some, the worry about their safety keeps them from volunteering. However, it shouldn’t stop you from giving. You can always donate money to worthy causes to create that better holiday for others. You can also find the Amazon Wishlist for a local family and buy them something that is on their list. You can also call local non-profits to find out what they need to be donated to them. 

Volunteering With Sleep in Heavenly Peace

One of the great ways to volunteer is to help a non-profit that helps children who are less fortunate than you are. Sleep in Heavenly Peace strives to get a bed for every child who doesn’t have one. Imagine children without a bed for the holidays and you’ll see why its mission is so important. The charity is a perfect one for families to volunteer with. This can cultivate a love of giving for your children,  and it allows them to understand and appreciate how much they have. It also allows you to use some of your free time to learn new skills. 

Volunteering is the new networking, and you’ll meet all kinds of people when you give your time. As you meet people and learn new skills, you will be doing something fundamentally important for someone else.