SHP Core Team Resources

Celebrations & Communications

We all know our CORE TEAM and Core Volunteers are the lifeblood of a robust and vibrant Chapter.  Without their dedication and passion we could not serve the kids in the community that need a bed.  For that reason, below are a list of various ideas Chapters have successfully utilized the CELEBRATE their team.  Additionally, at its core a great COMMUNICATION channel has to be established so everyone stays in the know.
Again, consider these a brainstorm of ideas, run with an idea or take pieces for one or many and make something totally new … just go and celebrate your team and keep them coming back.


RED Shirts

Earn a RED shirt …

  • Develop criteria for Core Volunteers/Core Team members to attend enough builds or deliveries

Cost:  Varies depending on quantities
Link: Dashboard>Design & Marketing>Staff Red Shirts

Honor Wall

If you’re lucky enough to have a warehouse space … make an “honor wall” for the Core Team.  Laminate a giant picture with name and role(s) they have in the Chapter so they become a familiar face to the volunteers who come.

Social Media Posts

Recognize your Core Team members on social media.  What’s their favorite build day job … why they got involved … a delivery story that touched them … anything else to show your appreciation.

Perfect to do in the “off times” when aren’t doing as many deliveries or builds to keep people’s eyes on your Chapter Facebook page.

Cost:  FREE
Links: Dashboard>Social Media Starter Kit

Custom Nametags

Create custom/professionl NAMETAGS for Core Team & Core Volunteers.

Cost:  Minimal

Links:  ADD sources to purchase

Volunteer Banners

Create a banner where volunteers can sign their name the 1st time they come and then maybe add a heart or some sort of tally each time they come back.

Cost:  YES
Link: Volunteer Banner

Core Team Outing

Celebrate your Core Team … take them out after a build for pizza, host a potluck at the beginning or end of build season.

Chapter funds can be used for this activity … but only if enough funds are in the account where you don’t substitute a gathering for getting more kids off the floor.

Cost:  Varies (possibly FREE)

Name Badge Achievement System

Gamify your volunteer activities by allowing them to earn “badges” for various tasks they complete for the Chapter.  As they complete the tasks they earn a “badge” for their nametag.

Using this system you either have to collect the nametags at end of Build Day or allow them to take home and bring back next time.

Cost: Varies ~ $250 for 8 different rolls of 500 labels.
Links:  Basic How To…
Nametag Holders – Amazon
Nametag Inserts – Amazon

Adobe Illustrator Files  … to be used by graphic designers 
Microsoft Word Files… to be used by everyone else … can be used with mail merge of volunteer names

Labels … … $250 for 8 different rolls of 500 labels …
                 Reach out to them as others have ordered and they can copy previous order with correct designs.


Shared Calendars

Using Google Calendar, create a shared calendar of all the planned Build or Delivery Days.
This will keep your entire Core Team in the “know” and they can plan to attend.


Cost:  Free
Link: How to Create Google Shared Calendar

Core Team Planning Sheet

Use a Google SHEET (spreadsheet) that is shared with your Core Team to communicate the Build and/or Delivery Days.


  • Number of core members needed
  • Allows for signups of core members
  • Share beds built/delivered info
  • Different sheets/docs for different roles

Cost: Free
Link: Basic Google SHEETS

Scheduled Core Team Meetings

Create a scheduled rythym to holding Core Team Meetings (face-to-face or online) in order to keep everyone in the know.  Frequency will depend on your team and time of the year.

Suggest you create and follow an AGENDA.

  • Introductions (new people)
  • Chapter Finance 
  • Build Schedule
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Current Stats (beds delivered, waitlist, etc.)
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Ideas/Open Discussion

Cost:  Free
Link:  Free Zoom Acct