How to Find a Build Day and Prepare

SHP is more than a charity, it’s a movement! With chapters in almost every state, people across America are getting involved. And you can join our cause too by finding a Build Day near you.

During an SHP Build Day, employee volunteers from local businesses as well as individuals and families from the community use raw lumber and some easy-to-use tools to build handmade bunk beds for the children in your town who are sleeping on the floor. These events are made possible by generous donations from local sponsors and through our simple and easy-to-follow process, anyone can participate even if you have no previous woodworking experience. With well over 100 chapters across the country, and events happening almost every weekend, here’s how you can find an event near you and join the movement!

Finding a Build Day Near You

Finding a Build Day is a simple process! You can find a list of upcoming Build Days on the Chapter page of the chapter near you, where you can sign up to register.

Preparing for a Build Day

There are several things you can do ahead of a Build Day to prepare.

Share what you’re doing

  • Share Build Day event information on your social media accounts
  • Tell people about SHP and your involvement
  • Ask others to join you

Watch some tutorials to get a good understanding of how the day will go

Dress appropriately

  • Take into consideration that Build Days can happen indoors or outdoors throughout the year
  • Your clothes will get dirty and dusty
  • Closed-toed shoes are required
  • Hats or visors are recommended
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen
  • Your Chapter will provide eye protection, hearing protection, dust masks, and disposable gloves

What to Bring to a Build Day

Guess what? We make this easy too! We provide all of the tools and materials you will need to make bunk beds, so there is no need for you to bring anything. Our gracious sponsors and donors make this possible.

What to Expect During a Build Day

During Build Days, we like to make the most of our time for efficiency’s sake, but we also like everyone to have fun! Volunteers age 12+ help build our beds, so the entire process is very family friendly and provides a great experience for many ages.

Experienced volunteers will teach you the different stages of the construction process and then assign you to a station. Experiencing the buzz, energy, and excitement of dozens of volunteers throughout all the stations working side-by-side is super fun. And at the end of the event, what was once a giant pile of lumber is now components that SHP can use to get a local child off the floor and into a bed of their very own!

A Build Day can last on average anywhere from 1 – 5 hours, depending on the resources available to each chapter. The more resources we have and the greater demand there is for beds, the more we can build.

You can also join our delivery team during the following weeks and see the smiles on the children who receive their very own bed for the first time. If your family, team, or organization is interested in being a part of an SHP Delivery Day, be sure to let your Chapter President know!