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Let’s Talk Money

Hey crew, I am so grateful for your patience as we work through the books to get things straightened out. It has been a HUGE undertaking and we are getting closer each day to having the transition complete. I want to let you know about a couple of hiccups we have had with US Bank. 

One, it appears that we cannot make deposits at non-US Bank ATM’s, unless one of you has had any success in that. That has been a major setback for our transition. We are now jumping through the hoops to provide (hopefully) mobile deposit as an option to all of you who aren’t near a US Bank. If you are not near a US Bank and have not received a US Bank ATM card, it probably doesn’t matter as it will be of no use to you. We are hoping to have this mobile deposit option available soon but in the meantime, please just send us your checks and we will deposit them for you.
Two, we originally did not have the ability to view check images from your deposits, making it impossible to match your deposits to your DonorPerfect entries. We were grated this access, finally, on Monday and are working through the images and will have your deposits posted in Quickbooks this week so they will show on your next P&L. We will now be able to get your deposits to show on your P&Ls in a timely fashion, moving forward.
Now, I have a request. When you receive a check, before sending it to SHQ or depositing it directly in the bank, please write your chapter name on the memo line of the check. Most everyone does this for checks sent to SHQ, but if you would also do it for the checks you put in the bank, it would be very helpful to match them to your chapter. 
Lastly, I’d like to tell you how amazing you all are! I appreciate the patience you have given us as we have needed this time to straighten things out. We, in the finance department, are excited about the new processes and know that we are set up better than ever for continued growth and success. You all have deposited over 700 checks in October! This is setting the stage to end the year with more builds and momentum than ever. I truly love helping you all out and hearing your successes and how it is bringing your communities together for the good of helping kids. Y’all are awesome!
Take care!
Joe Jaques

Communications Corner

Don’t forget to set your voicemail greeting for your Chapter’s extension on the website.  Please open this google doc for instructions and the script to read for your greeting:

Voicemail Greeting Instructions

You can find your Chapter’s extension on your Chapter Page on the website.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Amy Andrew at



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