Core Team Development “TOOLBOX”


We’re so excited to have you here at our resource hub dedicated to recruiting, training, and retaining new Core Team members for your chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP). Our focus is always on the mission but inorder to accomplish this we must remember to develop and strengthen our Core Teams.  

This page is packed with resources and ideas curated by Chapters from around the country to help you build and maintain an incredible team. Remember, you’re not expected to do everything listed here … these are just suggestions and idea starters, think of them as tools in a toolbox, use the right one for you at the right time and tailor any of them to fit the unique needs of your Chapter.

So, explore freely, find what works for you, your community, and your team!


Setting the Stage

Just so everyone is on the same page, the committee defined what we considered the difference between a Core Team Member and Core Volunteer.  While many Chapters don’t deliniate the roles exactly, it is a good foundation from which the resources were built upon.

Core Team Member

A Core Team Member is someone who takes on a specific responsibility (maybe given a title) within your chapter, playing a vital role by taking initative in its success.

Core Volunteer

A Core Volunteer is a regular helper who’s always ready to pitch in wherever needed but doesn’t have a fixed or assigned role.

Job Descriptions & Roles

Official JOB DESCRIPTIONS for many of the standard roles on a Core Team.

Celebrations & Communications

Ideas and ways to CELEBRATE and better COMMUNICATE with your Core Team.

Onboarding & Orientation

Ideas and ways to ONBOARD new Core Team members so they can learn the role and common understanding of SHP.