Chapter Support

Our goal at SHQ is to provide you and your chapters with all the support you need (including all the support you don’t know you need). As you can imagine, it’s a lot of work for our volunteer team to help our volunteer teams.

Chapter President Handbook with all the information for new and old chapters. UPDATED OFTEN.

Order and status of your mattress, branding irons and jig orders. Plus how to videos for all material related things.

Details about the new SHP Tool Inventory System.

SHP 10-Year Anniversary Family Reunion presentations from education sessions.

Find details about great rental vehicle & storage deals.

SHP Giving Program is an internal grant program comprising a series of funds that provide multiple opportunities for new and existing chapters to receive financial support.

Find all the details about the Lowe’s 4 Pros program.

Find all the information including screenshots and videos about the new Chapter Portal built on Salesforce and replacing the CX system we used before. 

We have partnered with Westside Productions to offer video production services to chapters. 

The SHP General Presentation for those wanting to present the history, need and future of SHP. Download or save a copy to your My Drive and edit to your local needs.

SHP Presentation Template you can download and build out your own from the template slides.

SHP Staff with some contact information. We’ll be expanding this further in the future.

Various documents not shown in other places.

Find various SHP Policies.

Various How To videos, webinars and SHQ announcements.

SHP Organization Chart and showing the governance and management structures for SHP.

This is a map designating the regions of SHP for Chapter Support Leads. You can refer to the SHP Organizational Chart to see which Chapter Support Lead represent each region.

This is a map designating the regions of SHP for Chapter Support Leads with their photos for each region.